Case 2: Identification of energy waste and BAS data that can’t always be trusted.

On Friday, February 5th, 2021, our team was investigating rooms under management and noticed one room in particular had incredibly high temperature spikes into the high 90’s (Figure 1). Upon seeing that this room was currently at 94 degrees, we reached out to the facility manager and asked them to verify.

Figure 1: Temperature and humidity plots for room out of tolerance

The facility manager and maintenance director were notified and on Monday responded in disbelief, referring to what their control system is telling them (68 degrees). The humidity was also incredibly low, which corroborated the extremely high temperature. The energy manager for this organization went on location with a FLIR camera and confirmed that FacilityCoachTM was indeed accurate. The maintenance director was in disbelief, and stated “I just can’t believe that it would be 91 degrees in there and a teacher not complain!”

This was happening overnight after 7pm, when nobody was present in the building. The root cause of this issue was cold air intrusion blowing directly over the thermostat, tricking the system to operate on HIGH all night long. The estimated waste in energy is approximately $17.48 per week, per room. We are measuring less than 2% of the occupied space for this customer. What’s happening in the other 98%?